Nutrition Bars from Omega Smart

OMEGA SMART believes smart food choices are your best defense against disease and premature aging!

That's why we 're committed to producing powerful nutrient dense whole food nutrition bars that will help enhance your health.

OMEGA SMART nutrition bars are a wholesome, organic, whole-food balanced snack or meal replacement bar that supplies 100% of your daily ala omega3's.

NO artificial preservatives are used in OMEGA SMART nutrition bars, just pure health promoting whole food ingredients!

Leading health experts have recognized and promote Omega Smart bars — see our Nutrition Bar testimonials.

Approved by The Feingold Association. Omega Smart bars are also mentioned in “Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Dr. Christiane Northrup and in “Ultra Prevention” by Dr. Mark Hyman

Meeting All Your Nutritional Needs:
• lactose-free • gluten-free • weight watchers • diabetics

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