26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (2024)

A Thanksgiving meal isn't complete without stuffing.

By Camille Lowder
26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (1)

Though turkey gets a lot of the fanfare come Thanksgiving, and some people are all about the mashed potatoes, the green bean casserole, or the pecan pie, we’re in it for the STUFFING (aka "dressing" for our Southern friends). So whether you like it crispy, soggy (it’s a thing!), or a mix of both, we’ve got tons here for you here. Check out our 26 stuffing recipes for ideas, then get creative and make your own.

At its most basic, stuffing is a mixture of (stale) bread, herbs, and spices, and sometimes meat, held together with eggs. Sort of like bread pudding, but savory. Technically, it should only be called stuffing if it’s “stuffed” inside your turkey; otherwise, it’s known as dressing. The more you know! Because it’s hard to guarantee both your stuffing and your turkey to come out well if they’re made that way, most people bake theirs outside the bird and use both terms interchangeably.

The great thing about stuffing is how much you can do within the confines of that basic structure. Use a baguette or sourdough, like we do in our classic recipe, or swap in different breads, like we do in our cornbread stuffing, our croissant stuffing, our soft pretzel stuffing, or our crescent roll stuffing. Just make sure whatever you use is stale so it can soak up all the yummy liquid—tear whatever you use into pieces, then leave it out overnight for best results. Some stuffings have meat, like our sausage stuffing or our oyster stuffing, but they’re also great without. Add other ingredients in instead, like the fruit in our apple stuffing, our pineapple stuffing, or our cranberry stuffing. Though most stuffings are baked in a casserole dish, there’s room to play there too. Try our stuffing stuffed pumpkins, our sheet pan stuffing, or our stuffin’ muffins to see what we mean. Once you’ve got the basic structure, stuffing is easily adapted to your tastes—you never know, you might discover a combination you’ll want to make for years to come.

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Classic Turkey Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (3)

When it comes to the big Thanksgiving feast, we consider the roast turkey and the sweet potato casserole as sides to the STUFFING. A good stuffing makes or breaks Thanksgiving dinner, and this one will absolutely make your holiday meal all the better.

Get the Classic Turkey Stuffing recipe.


Sausage Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (4)

If you’re looking to bulk up the classic Thanksgiving side (or if your ideal stuffing just isn’t complete without a protein), then this stuffing is here for you. Cranberries add a bit of sweetness to balance out our sausage in this recipe that’s baked until toasty-yet-soft perfection.

Get the Sausage Stuffing recipe.


Cornbread Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (5)

Also known as cornbread dressing, this dish is a classic in the South, where you’ll often find it mixed with sausage, bacon, jalapeños, nuts, even chopped oysters. We kept ours simple with flavors you’d find in classic stuffing, but don't let us stop you from jazzing up yours.

Get the Cornbread Stuffing recipe.

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Oyster Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (6)

If you're new to the oyster stuffing game, let us tell you, you're in for a treat. Oysters lend a briny, super-savory flavor to your stuffing that will keep your guests coming back for second and third helpings.

Get the Oyster Stuffing recipe.


Apple Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (7)

The classic stuffing recipe is always a favorite at Thanksgiving, but sometimes it can feel a bit heavy. Apples and cranberries add a freshness to stuffing that is greatly needed, and the bright tart notes go perfectly with the buttery bread.

Get the Apple Stuffing recipe.


Cornbread Dressing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (8)

Craving something a little different than classic stuffing this year? Our cornbread dressing has all of the beloved, classic Thanksgiving flavors, plus Italian sausage for a heartier touch. It has a perfect crumbly texture, isn’t dry, and pairs well with all the rest of our savory (and sweet!) sides.

Get the Cornbread Dressing recipe.

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Easy Cranberry Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (9)

You don't need meat to make a stuffing everyone will love. This vegetarian option is filled with everyone's favorite Thanksgiving flavors—apples! cranberries! sage! thyme!—if anyone complains about meatless stuffing, just send them home without dessert. 😉

Get the Easy Cranberry Stuffing recipe.


Keto Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (10)

Haters will say you can't make stuffing that's low-carb. We say, bye haters! Using our recipe for keto bread yields a stuffing that's crisp on top and deliciously tender on bottom, just like a good stuffing should be.

Get the Keto Stuffing recipe.


Crockpot Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (11)

One of our favorite ways to keep our oven free for the major players—the roast turkey and pumpkin pie, of course—is by utilizing the magic of the slow cooker. While you buzz around the kitchen, it'll cook your stuffing for you!

Get the Crockpot Stuffing recipe.

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Gluten-Free Stuffing

Many would argue that the table just isn’t complete without a big dish of classic Thanksgiving stuffing. But what about your friends and family with allergies that prevent them from eating wheat? This gluten-free stuffing will save the day—and spoiler alert, it tastes exactly the same as the real thing.

Get the Gluten-Free Stuffing recipe.


Vegan Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (13)

Listen, we all know that stuffing is the best part of a staple Thanksgiving menu. But because of the butter, eggs, and chicken broth that usually goes into classic stuffing, it's a dish that vegans can't always enjoy—until now!

Get the Vegan Stuffing recipe.


Cauliflower Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (14)

This low-carb cauliflower stuffing proves that you don’t always need bread to make an amazing stuffing. Cauliflower is basically a sponge: It’ll soak up the flavor of whatever you cook it with, so we recommend going heavy on the herbs (and the butter! 😈).

Get the Cauliflower Stuffing recipe.

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Pineapple Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (15)

This pineapple stuffing isn't meant to replace your traditional stuffing. Instead, it's meant to come at the end of the meal for dessert. Weird, we know, but trust us! This bread pudding is perfect year round but makes a warm welcome against all of the heavier, pumpkin-flavored desserts.

Get the Pineapple Stuffing recipe.


Spinach & Artichoke Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (16)

is what your stuffing has been missing. This stuff is dangerously delicious.

Get the .


Crescent Roll Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (17)

It's official: There's nothing crescent rolls can't do. Grab a couple tubes and use them to make our cranberry brie bites or sweet potato crescent bites for appetizers too.

Get the Crescent Roll Stuffing recipe.

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Soft-Pretzel Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (18)

Get your hands on the best-quality soft pretzels you can find, tear them up into bite-size pieces, bake them according to package directions, and turn 'em into stuffing! Aside from the soft pretzel mix-up, this stuffing recipe is pretty standard, so feel free to make it your own.

Get the Soft-Pretzel Stuffing recipe.


Apple & Sausage Focaccia Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (19)

Apples lend sweetness to this herb-flecked stuffing made with chewy focaccia bread. Vegetarian? Skip the sausage and swap in for veg stock.

Get the .


Beer Cheese Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (20)

Beer nicely cuts the richness of the bacon and cheddar in this stuffing recipe that's inspired by the deliciousness of pub cheese. Pair with our pickle-brined turkey for a Thanksgiving perfect for football lovers.

Get the Beer Cheese Stuffing recipe.

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Everything Bagel Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (21)

Have leftover bagels kicking around? Use them to make this inspired stuffing. Use store-bought everything bagel seasoning, or make your own.

Get the Everything Bagel Stuffing recipe.


Sheet Pan Stuffing

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (22)

Can we all agree that the best part of stuffing is that delectable top layer that gets extra buttery and crunchy? This sheet-pan version is one big serving of that. Bonus: It takes less time to cook too!

Get the Sheet Pan Stuffing recipe.

26 Must-Have Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving (2024)


How much stuffing do I need for 26 people? ›

21, 2011— -- Everyone loves your Thanksgiving turkey, but do you really know how much stuffing is the right amount to make? In order to fill the cavity of the bird you are stuffing, you should make 3/4 cup of stuffing per person. You may not be able to fit all the stuffing into your turkey.

What's the best kind of stuffing? ›

Our Top Store-Bought Stuffing Picks
  • Best Overall: Arnold Herb Seasoned Premium Cubed Stuffing.
  • Best Classic: Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned Classic Stuffing.
  • Best Instant: Stove Top Turkey Stuffing Mix.
  • Best Gluten-Free: Williams-Sonoma Gluten-Free Stuffing Mix.
  • Best for Celiac: Trader Joe's Gluten Free Stuffing Mix.
Nov 13, 2023

How much stuffing do I need for Thanksgiving? ›

A leftover turkey sandwich?! 3/4 cup of stuffing per person should be plenty. There's enough division on the topic that some people may have seconds while others have none! If you have stuffing lovers in your home, better to round up to 1 cup person just in case.

Should I put egg in my stuffing? ›

The most important ingredient of stuffing may be the binder, which keeps all the other elements in place. For a fluffy texture, use eggs. Stock is the most-used binder. Less conventional possibilities include fruit juice (such as apple or orange) and alcohol (wine or liqueur).

How many pounds of stuffing do I need for 20 people? ›

The Amount
Quantity of StuffingSize of BirdNumber of Servings
6 cups8 to 10 pounds8 to 9
2 quarts10 to 12 pounds10 to 11
3 quarts12 to 15 pounds12 to 16
4 quarts15 to 20 pounds18 to 20
3 more rows
Nov 25, 2019

How many cups of stuffing do I need for 20 people? ›

20 people – 19.5 cups

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Check how much gravy per person you need for Thanksgiving dinner here.

What is the best bread to use for stuffing? ›

Sourdough, Italian, and white bread are standard choices for stuffing; however, journeying beyond your comfort zone can produce excellent results.

Is it better to make stuffing with fresh or dry bread? ›

The bread is one of the most important ingredients in the stuffing. This is the base; it's what gives the stuffing structure, and it plays a big role in determining the texture. While you can use almost any bread — cornbread, bagels, or even frozen waffles — to make stuffing, it needs to be dried or “staled” first.

Is it OK to make stuffing a day ahead of time? ›

No matter where you fall, getting a head start on what can be prepared before the big day is essential. One question that always crops up: Can you make stuffing ahead of time? The short answer to whether you can making stuffing ahead of time is yes.

Can you prepare uncooked stuffing ahead of time and refrigerate? ›

If you don't plan on stuffing the bird, but preparing the dressing as a side dish, you can prepare uncooked stuffing ahead of time as long as you freeze the stuffing immediately after mixing the wet and dry ingredients. USDA recommends that you never refrigerate uncooked stuffing.

Can you put stove top stuffing in turkey? ›

Make any family dinner something to celebrate with Kraft Stove Top Turkey Stuffing Mix. A blend of fresh baked bread crumbs and real turkey broth is the perfect pairing for a holiday turkey and brings a soft, fluffy texture in every forkful.

Why can't you refrigerate uncooked stuffing? ›

Because stuffing is an excellent medium for bacterial growth, it's important to handle it safely and cook it to a safe minimum internal temperature as measured with a food thermometer. Here are some common ques- tions consumers ask. Stuffing should not be prepared ahead.

Can you mess up stuffing? ›

Your Bread Is Too Fresh

There's nothing better than soft, fresh bread—except for when it comes to stuffing. If you want your stuffing to hold up and not end up a soupy, soggy mess, make sure your bread is dried out or staled for a few days.

Should stuffing be cold when putting in turkey? ›

Give stuffing a head start by heating it up before placing inside the turkey. Like the turkey, stuffing needs to reach the 165 degree mark. If the bird is done before the stuffing, remove stuffing from the cavities and continue to cook in a baking dish.

What is traditional stuffing made of? ›

Classic stuffing made with bread cubes, seasonings, and held together with chicken stock and eggs. A holiday staple!

How many people does 6 oz of stuffing feed? ›

How much stuffing per person? A 14-ounce bag of stuffing makes about 11 servings; a 6-ounce box of stuffing mix makes 6 servings.

How much does 1 box of stove top stuffing serve? ›

Each 6 ounce box of this easy stuffing makes six servings.

How do I know how much stuffing I need? ›

The amount of stuffing you require is entirely up to your plumpness preference. This stuffing is machine washable in cold water. 1LB will fill 1x 18” x 18 pillow form. 2 LB will fill 1x standard sleeping pillow (20” x 26”).

How many people does one bag of Pepperidge Farm stuffing feed? ›

Nutrition Facts
About 12 Servings Per Container
Serving size1/2 Cup (29g)
Amount per serving
16 more rows

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