34 Best Places To Buy Your Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner - Mashed (2024)


34 Best Places To Buy Your Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner - Mashed (1)

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Thanksgiving is the most food-focused holiday of the year. It can take months of planning, days of shopping, and hours of preparation to create the magical meal we all know and love. Roasting a turkey is no easy feat and crafting dozens of sides, sauces, drinks, and desserts to go with it is a daunting task for even the most seasoned of home cooks. Although Thanksgiving is a very satisfying labor of love for many, there are some people for whom the work it takes to create a family feast can be too overwhelming. Even for the most experienced Thanksgiving host, there are certain years in which your life's current situation may not lend itself to having the time or energy to prepare a holiday meal with all the trimmings.

If that's how you feel this year, there's absolutely no shame in looking for ways to ease the stress of planning and preparing the biggest meal of the holiday season. In fact, there are ways to offload the effort completely. We've crafted a comprehensive list of restaurants, online retailers, and local grocery stores that offer pre-cooked Thanksgiving meals so you can enjoy the day without the hassle of cooking it all yourself. Whether you want a dinner with a luxury-style selection of unique sides or a traditional, homestyle turkey dinner, the list below offers everything you need to make the best (and easiest) decision for your Thanksgiving meal.

1. Albertsons

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Though many grocery stores very well could have Thanksgiving options, Albertsons has full-fledged holiday meals at its disposal –– and these options will be available for pick-up on or after November 17. The best part about Albertsons' Thanksgiving lineups? Customers have choices, from the smoked turkey holiday dinner (serves eight to 10 people) to the turkey breast holiday dinner (serves six to eight), and its spiral cut ham dinner (serves eight to 10) to its baked turkey holiday dinner (serves eight to 10). Yet Albertsons is also providing a side-dish option –– if you only need to purchase the fixings. The best part? Depending on your location, Albertsons' turkey dinner lineups range from $29.99 (the fixing package) to $99.99 (for spare ribs, sides, dressings, and condiments).

Though Albertsons provides fully-precooked meals, it's important to note that you'll need to heat the food before serving –– because no one deserves a cold turkey meal. And although holiday meals will be available for pickup on or after November 17, holiday dinner orders will be accepted while supplies last starting on November 1 to November 22.

2. Bob Evans

If you're serving six or fewer guests, look no further than Bob Evans to supply everything you need to celebrate the holiday with good food — and without cooking all day long. The restaurant is offering hot family meals complete with mains like slow-roasted turkey and hickory-smoked ham, as well as festive sides like house-made bread and celery dressing, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans with ham, buttered corn, and a dozen freshly baked dinner rolls. And since no Thanksgiving is complete without it, the meal even features a whole pumpkin pie. The company even offers single platters of the hot meals so you can order as many as you need for you and your guests.

The company prides itself on being expert with turkey, noting that it has been slow-roasting turkey every year for three decades. You can log onto its website the day before Thanksgiving to pre-order your hot holiday meal and experience the Bob Evans touch for your holiday.

3. Boston Market

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Boston Market is virtually a holiday feast on a seasonal basis, yet they take it up a notch during this time of year. Boston Market features three Thanksgiving options: heat and serve, catering, and à la carte –– and inside those choices, there are countless others. So you can serve a few people, an entire party, or fill out your own meal with à la carte options. Though Boston Market does the prepping and cooking, you'll need to heat the food, unless you go the catering route.

The heat and serve option can serve six to 12 people, depending on which of the two meals you choose from. If you pick the smaller one, then you'll receive a boneless roasted turkey breast, while the 12-person dinner consists of a whole roasted turkey meal. Yet, there are also ham and prime rib meals available, as well as a turkey-ham combo in the 12-serving option. The sides are included, just in case you're wondering.

The dinner catering features premium buffet, deluxe buffet, and create your own buffet options, with the price per person fluctuating depending on the buffet type. And, of course, the à la carte menu allows you to pick single items, whether you fancy entrées, sides, appetizers, or desserts.

4. Bravo Italian Kitchen

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Bravo Italian Kitchen, as the name suggests, is an Italian restaurant –– but don't let that fool you, the Italian chain prepares Thanksgiving dinner, and they prepare it right. For non-cooks (or those who just want to take it easy this holiday), Bravo Italian Kitchen provides the entire Thanksgiving meal, which is now accepting orders for curbside, pick-up, or delivery. Best of all? The to-go meals are prepared cold and ready to heat, or hot and ready to serve.

Bravo has a small option, which serves three people at $103 total, a large option, which feeds six at $160 total, a half pan option that serves 10 at $250, and a full pan option that serves 20 at $450 total. Its Thanksgiving feast menu consists of a traditional turkey dinner with a bit of an Italian twist: sliced white meat turkey, homestyle gravy, spicy Italian sausage stuffing, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Bravo's website states that pre-orders must be placed by November 23 at 8 a.m. ET.

5. Brio Italian Grille

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Brio Italian Grille has a similar *chef's kiss* pre-cooked Thanksgiving feast to Bravo Italian Kitchen. Like Bravo, Brio is accepting pre-orders for curbside, pick-up, and delivery, as well as offering cold and heat and hot and ready-to-serve options.

Brio is also preparing four Thanksgiving orders: two to-go options and two catering. Likewise, the small portion serves three people at $105 total, the large option feeds six at $160 total, the half pan option serves 10 at $250, and the full pan option serves 20 at $450 total. That said, the menu is a bit different. Brio is serving roasted sliced white meat turkey that's topped with herbed pan gravy, pancetta stuffing, pan-seared broccolini, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, orange cranberry sauce, and pumpkin-spiced bread pudding for dessert.

Depending on your location and food preferences, Bravo or Brio might make more sense, yet you can't go wrong with either restaurant's feast.

6. Buca di Beppo

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There's something about an Italian-esque Thanksgiving dinner that makes the holiday even more special. If you agree with that sentiment, then Buca di Beppo is a natural choice for turkey dinner. Buca offers hot or cold options, yet both are, of course, pre-cooked.

So what does a Buca Thanksgiving feast look like? As most traditional turkey day feasts will have, Buca's comes with sliced white meat turkey, homestyle gravy, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes. However, the Buca spin comes into play with spicy Italian sausage stuffing. Rounding out this magnificent feast are green beans, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Buca has two to-go options, a small feast that feeds three at $105 and a large option that feeds six at $160. Yet catering options –– a half pan that feeds 10 at $250 and a full pan that feeds 20 at $450 –– are also available.

If you want to add Buca Italian favorites to your order, then more power to you –– and enjoy! Just keep in mind that pre-orders are due by November 23 at 8 p.m. ET.

7. Burgers' Smokehouse

Burgers' Smokehouse prides itself on cured and smoked meats, and they have quite the meat selection for Thanksgiving. Not only can you order a pre-cooked and complete holiday feast, but you can also purchase individual hams and turkeys. And, to be frank, there are a plethora of ham and turkey options to choose from, allowing feasters to choose the exact type of meat they want to dive into on Thanksgiving. It only makes sense to get your turkey dinner from a place that specializes in meat.

Starting at $78 for a sliced, boneless, gourmet turkey breast, Burgers' Smokehouse's prices go all the way up to $149 for a holiday feast combo, which includes broccoli and cheese casserole, sweet potato casserole (because one casserole sometimes isn't enough), Southern pecan pie, ham, and smoked turkey. Whether you need a whole turkey or the entire Thanksgiving meal, Burgers' Smokehouse has a perfectly splendid option of heat and serve meals.

8. The Cajun Turkey Co. (Via Nieman Marcus)

Do you have a craving for a Thanksgiving dinner that brings the spice, but don't have the time, energy, or desire to deep fry your own Cajun-style turkey? We have good news. The Cajun Turkey Co has partnered with Neiman Marcus to bring a southern-style Thanksgiving dinner directly to your door.

The meal includes a Cajun fried turkey. If you've never had deep-fried turkey, it's a great spin on the Thanksgiving classic, complete with crunchy and flavorful skin and moist meat inside. The bundle also includes four pounds of cornbread dressing, four pounds of sweet potato casserole, four pounds of seasoned mashed potatoes, four pounds of gourmet cheesy squash casserole, and two and a half pounds of bread pudding for dessert. That's enough food to feed 10 to 12 guests!

Reviews from past years praise this meal for having moist turkey and scrumptious sides. For $360 plus $20 in shipping costs, you can bring this Cajun dinner home and experience it for yourself.

9. Central Market

If you live in Texas, you're likely familiar with Central Market, an H-E-B brand gourmet grocery store specializing in delicious groceries, specialty foods, and delectable made-in-house meals and sides. When it comes to doing the work so you don't have to, the holidays are no exceptions at Central Market. The boutique-style grocery chain, with locations sprinkled throughout Texas, offers an array of pre-cooked holiday mealsfeaturingentrees like roasted turkey, smoked ham, herb-encrusted beef tenderloin, and vegetarian lasagna, all complete with a curated selection of festive sides. For those looking for a classic turkey day option, Central Market has itsAll-Natural Oven-Roasted Turkey Meal available for $149.99.

The meal features all the classics you'd expect for aThanksgiving table, includingan all-natural, oven-roasted turkey, savory cornbread dressing, green beans with toasted almonds, whipped Yukon mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, and cranberry sauce. For an added charge, you can add the chain's signature pull-apart rolls, macaroni and cheese, or additional servings of gravy or cranberry sauce. The meal is sized to serve six to eight people, making it perfect for mid-size gatherings.

All that's needed to enjoy this complete holiday meal is a bit of reheating, for which Central Market includes a roasting pan and bag so your turkey stays nice and moist without messing up your pan at home.

10. Capital Grille

The Capital Grille is a great location to celebrate the holidays in the style. And for those who want to have a luxurious, stress-free Thanksgiving meal in their own homes, the steakhouse is offering its take on holiday meal sides for $135. Although this meal does not include turkey or dessert, it can serve as a big help by easing the burden of hosting the holiday. When you let the Capital Grille take care of all of the sides, you can focus all of your attention on the turkey and dessert.

In true Capital Grille style, the bundle of sides includes elegant takes on Thanksgiving classics like brioche stuffing, French green beans, cranberry-pear chutney, Sam's mashed potatoes, pecan-crusted sweet potatoes with hot honey, seeded rolls, and, of course, housemade gravy.

Pickup for the Thanksgiving sides at Capital Grille must be pre-ordered by November 21 with a pickup time scheduled for either Wednesday, November 22 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., or Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23 between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

11. Corky's BBQ (Via QVC)

Corky's BBQ, a restaurant and mail-order business based in Memphis, Tennessee, is offering an amazing deal on a fully-cooked holiday meal via the home shopping channel QVC. To make Thanksgiving completely stress-free, the pre-cooked holiday meal bundle includes a tender, juicy, and hickory-smoked five-poundboneless ham or turkey breast with a honey brown sugar glaze, and four fall-themed St. Clair sides, weighing in at two pounds each.

The sides, which include a traditional sweet potato casserole, southern-style cornbread dressing, melty four-cheese mac and cheese, and homestyle broccoli rice and cheese casserole, are all iconic holiday dishes that we'd love to see on our Thanksgiving tables.

This meal is currently being offered at a sale price of$167.98, making it a steal for your holiday.Everything is shipped in ready-to-bake trays, so you don't even have to do dishes. This meal will arrive within two days of shipment and must thaw for 24-36 hours before serving, so order accordingly.

12. Costco

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At this point, what does Costco not offer? The wholesale store is a one-stop shop for virtually everything, including Thanksgiving dinner. Though you will have to technically cook the items, the Thanksgiving meal is pre-cooked and just needs to be warmed up.

Inside this Thanksgiving box is (get ready for your taste buds to dance): antibiotic-free turkey breast, crème mashed potatoes, old-fashioned stuffing, Brussels sprouts casserole, green beans almondine, cranberry-apple-orange relish, and gravy. Yet a Thanksgiving meal isn't quite complete without dessert, and this meal totally brings the thunder in the sweet department as it comes with traditional 10-inch pumpkin pie, and a 10-inch apple pie.

At the time of this writing, you can order this glorious feast for $269.99 at Costco. Did we mention this holiday dinner serves eight to 10 people?

13. Cracker Barrel

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Cracker Barrel can, without a doubt, satisfy all your turkey dinner needs. The Southern country-themed restaurant is returning holiday favorites as well as bringing new additions to its Thanksgiving dinner lineup.

Coming in at $154.99, depending on your location, Cracker Barrel's Thanksgiving Heat N' Serve Feast is ideal for parties of eight to 10. It's chilled and just waiting to be heated in your cozy home. And, needless to say, it comes with a whole lot of food: not one but two turkey breasts, dressing, and gravy, as well as cranberry relish, sweet potato casserole, two additional sides, rolls, and pumpkin and pecan pies. If that's too much food, then the Thanksgiving Heat N' Serve Family Dinner, which serves four to six people, is a natural choice. From there, a plethora of heat-and-serve items are available, as well as desserts (the cinnamon roll pie is new), and you even have the option to purchase just the turkey breast, which serves four to six lucky people.

14. Denny's

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Denny's might be a diner that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner classics, but in previous years, it has been many people's go-to Thanksgiving meal spot. Though Dennys' Five-Course Thanksgiving Dinner Pack was all the rage, featuring a classic Thanksgiving dinner of turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and a choice of broccoli or corn. The classics remain the classics for a reason: each dishcomplements the next, and together they make one epic meal.This year the company has added mac and cheese as well.

If last year was any indication, turkey lovers should be able to get all their Thanksgiving needs met by the diner-turned-Thanksgiving-meal savior. Now more than ever, that's something to be grateful for.

15. FreshDirect

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Though FreshDirect has yet to make its turkey dinner official in terms of release date, right now a Thanksgiving turkey dinner is featured on its website. And turkey dinner traditionalists should be satisfied as the meal consists of turkey breast, cornbread and sausage stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy. This is also the ideal meal for people who are on a budget as the turkey dinner is $9.99 a plate. It's virtually impossible to beat that price, though you might not mind paying more for one of the biggest meals of the year –– and you might also need to serve an entire party.

Though the product might be showing up as temporarily unavailable (at the time of this writing), be sure to monitor FreshDirect to see when the turkey meal is officially ready for purchase. After all, this is one of the hungriest holidays of the year, and food tends to fly off the shelves fast.

16. Goldbelly

Goldbelly provides, to say the least, a unique yet special Thanksgiving dinner option as it partners with restaurants across the nation to deliver turkey meals right to your door. And the options are limitless, from the highly-regarded yet hard-to-make turducken to the always pleasant cajun turkey. To see what Goldbelly has to offer and what can be delivered to your location, it's best to type in your address and go from there.

Surely, you won't be disappointed and you'll have an endless variety of Thanksgiving dinner meals to choose from, whether you need an entire meal or simply a hearty yet sweet dessert. Though we recommend planning your Thanksgiving dinner as early as possible, it's best to take your time searching Goldbelly as you want the perfect meal and enough food for everyone involved. Pre-cooked meals are incredibly popular because they take all the stress out of cooking, and your premade turkey dinner is only a few short clicks away.

17. Golden Corral

Restaurants, including Golden Corral, serve up Thanksgiving spreads in-house for those who don't want to cook; however, sometimes you just want to spend Thanksgiving at home. Luckily, there is an easy way to have a hassle-free, restaurant-cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Golden Corral is now accepting pre-orders for its Holiday Feast To Go Meals. The restaurant's Whole Roasted Turkey Meal is large enough to serve six to eight people and includes holiday favorites like awhole roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and one dozen yeast rolls with honey butter.It also includesyour choice of a homestyle side. You can choose from buttered corn, green beans, macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli, steamed carrots, or sweet potato casserole. The meal wouldn't be complete without dessert, so you also get a whole pie in either pumpkin or pecan varieties. All of this for an affordable price of $119.99.

One of the best aspects of getting your Thanksgiving dinner from Golden Corral is that the restaurant offers the option of picking up your meal at a heat-and-eat temperature or a ready-to-serve temperature, so you can decide what's most convenient for you and your guests.

Orders for Golden Corral's holiday meals must be placed 72 hours in advance, so plan accordingly.

18. Good Eggs

If you're feeding four people or fewer onThanksgiving, it can seem overwhelming to cook an entire holiday dinner that isn't far too much food for you and your guests. Luckily, Good Eggs has smaller groups covered with itsSmall Complete Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner. For $199.99, the package contains everything you could want for a classic Thanksgiving dinner for four without the prep, cooking, or hassle.

Included in the bundle is thick-cut roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, traditional Thanksgiving stuffing, a medley of roasted seasonal vegetables, turkey gravy, and cranberry sauce. To top off the meal, Good Eggs has also included a pumpkin pie.

If you're serving more guests, Good Eggs also has a large version of the meal bundle that includes larger servings of the same food. If you're serving fewer guests, the company even offers a Thanksgiving For Oneoption, of which you can order as many or as few as you need, for $15.99 at the time of writing.

Pre-orders are currently being taken online for delivery the week of Thanksgiving, and the best part is everything will arrive pre-cooked and ready to heat and serve.

19. Harry & David

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Pumpkin cheesecake, deep-dish pumpkin pie, and sundried tomato truffle mac and cheese are just some of the delightfully delicious Thanksgiving items you'll come across at Harry & David. Yet, if you plan on having your entire feast premade, then you're also in luck. Case in point: the Gourmet Turkey Feast. What does it come with? We're glad you asked. Try oven-roasted turkey, apple sausage stuffing, creamy brussels sprouts with bacon, brown sugar sweet potatoes, pumpkin cheesecake, turkey gravy, and spiced cranberry chutney –– all for the price of $269.99.

Don't fancy turkey? Then you can purchase the Gourmet Ham Dinner, which also comes with mouth-watering sides. On top of the spiral-sliced ham with honey glaze, you'll receive creamy snap peas with bacon, three-cheese scalloped potatoes, artichoke, mushroom, and bacon frittata, and New York-style original cheesecake for $249.99. Needless to say, Harry & David doesn't mess around when it comes to Thanksgiving feasts –– and on top of the meals placed out above, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

20. H-E-B

Texans know that when it comes to holidays, the go-to store for ingredients is H-E-B Supermarket. But did you know that the Texas-based, regional grocery store chain does more than just sell quality groceries for you to cook your own Thanksgiving meal?It also sells a selection of pre-cooked holiday meals as a part of its Meal Simple collection, which features an array of pre-cooked, heat-and-eat meals, mains, and sides.

For Thanksgiving, H-E-B's Meal Simple lineup includes full holiday meals for four or eight guests. The turkey holiday meal for eight is likely going to be H-E-B's best-selling meal for Thanksgiving, so let's go over what it includes. The main star is the oven-roasted turkey, which reheats for two to three hours in the oven. Alongside the turkey are holiday sides like Yukon gold mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing, and green bean casserole. All of the sides reheat in less than an hour.

Orders begin November 13 and are available for pickup or home delivery the week of Thanksgiving.

21. Honey Baked Ham

We all know and love Honey Baked Ham for providing signature spiraled, glazed ham for our holiday tables. But the company also offers a selection of holiday meals that will make celebrating as easy as it is delicious. One of the most popular offerings from Honey Baked Ham this year is itsHoney Baked Ham & Turkey Feast, available for around $160, depending on the size of the ham you choose. The bundle includes a bone-in-half ham and turkey breast, both of which are topped with Honey Baked's signature sweet and crunchy glaze. To round out the meal, you can choose from four heat-and-serve sides, including maple sweet potato soufflé, double cheddar macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, or Tuscan broccoli.

In addition, if you prefer your Thanksgiving to be ham-fee, Honey Baked Ham offers theTurkey & 3 Sides Meal for $67.99, which includes a roasted or smoked turkey breast with three ready-to-heat sides.To fill the rest of the table, you can also pick up some of the company's take-and-bake ham and cheddar biscuits or a six-side sampler to accompany your meal.

22. Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steak Company has been a trusted provider for shipping quality meats and meals for decades, making the company a solid choice for the holiday season. Its Herb Roasted Turkey Meal is a highly-rated package of everything you could want for Thanksgiving.

Available from the Kansas City Steak Company website for $214.80, the meal includes a 10-12 pound fully-cooked herb-roasted turkey that is ready to heat and serve. In addition, the box contains a baked potato casserole made with special spices, skin-on, sliced Idaho potatoes, bacon, sour cream, chives, and cheddar cheese. The meal also includes a tray of creamed spinach complete with sauteed onions, cream, butter, and Italian cheeses. For dessert, it features an eight-inch lemon cream cake with buttercream and chocolate shavings.

All of the components of this Kansas City Steak Company Thanksgiving meal arrive fully cooked and ready to reheat, making Turkey Day easier than ever before.

23. Logan's Roadhouse

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Fans of Logan's Roadhouse can rejoice: The casual steakhouse chain has your Thanksgiving dinner plans covered with its Holiday Roadhouse Feasts –– and these meals serve six to eight people, starting at $99.99. What's inside? You'll have options as you can choose from Logan's premium prime rib, which is slow-roasted and hand-cut to order. Or you can opt for the brand-new Smokehouse Roasted Turkey Breast. Accompanying these savory meats will be a family-sized house salad, a choice of two sides, 12 rolls, and a Mississippi Brownie. You'll also be able to choose from seven of Logan's sides, such as macaroni and cheese, cinnamon apples, steamed broccoli, rice pilaf, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, and corn.

"The holidays are a special time for loved ones to celebrate with one another," said Logan's Roadhouse Marketing Director Kristen Hohl in a press release provided to Mashed. "That's why we're taking the added stress out and handling the cooking for our guests to enjoy an easy and high-quality holiday spread for the whole family. We look forward to sharing joy in the coming months by bringing Logan's convenient and affordable Roadhouse Feasts to our guests' holiday tables."

You can pick up your pre-ordered Roadhouse Feast on Thanksgiving from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

24. Maggiano's

Though Italian food isn't in a typical American Thanksgiving dinner, it ought to be. Italian restaurant Maggiano's Little Italy is known for cooking up a classic Thanksgiving-themed meal every year. This year, the chain is offering both an in-restaurant, family-style Thanksgiving meal menu as well as special Thanksgiving carryout bundles that are perfect for those who want to enjoy a classic holiday meal without the work.

Maggiano's Little Italy is offering two options — hot and cold prepared carryout bundles. Each serves four to five people and come complete with a fresh caesar salad, traditional roasted turkey with giblet gravy and sage and sausage stuffing, country-style baked ham, and an array of traditional Thanksgiving sides like cranberry relish and freshly baked bread. From whipped sweet potatoes to garlic mashed potatoes, there's something for everyone in Maggiano's holiday bundles. Of course, there's also an Italian spin with the restaurant's signature spaghetti and meatballs and four-cheese ravioli. The bundles also include freshly baked bread, a must for any Thanksgiving table.

The chain is now taking pre-orders. Cold-prepared bundles will be offered at $210 for pickup the Tuesday before Thanksgiving while the hot-prepared bundles will cost $220 and be available for pickup on Thanksgiving day. So, whether you're okay with a heat and serve option or you'd like Maggiano's to handle the preparation for you, the pros at the popular Italian food chain have dinner covered.

25. Magic Kitchen

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Variety is the gift that keeps on giving, and Magic Kitchen appears to agree. On top of traditional Thanksgiving meals that feed two to eight people –– depending on the dinner you choose –– Magic Kitchen also has some non-traditional options. Such as, say, an Italian holiday dinner or a Tex-Mex holiday meal. The company even serves items à la carte, if you need a couple of fixings to round out your home-cooked meal.

When celebrated properly, Thanksgiving is a time that should be cherished, while sharing meals with people we care about, and being grateful as opposed to envious. Though the big dinner is a small portion of what this holiday truly stands for, we still think it should be executed to perfection –– and Magic Kitchen will surely help you achieve this grateful feat. It's hard not to be satisfied when you have a belly flooded with Thanksgiving dinner.

26. Marie Callender's

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You might recognize Marie Callender's because of its frozen food presence, but the restaurant franchise also puts on quite the show during the holiday season, so consider yourself lucky if you live near a restaurant that's partaking this year.

At Marie Callender's Riverside, there are a whopping 10 holiday feasts to choose from, as well as à la carte options. The Turkey Breast Feast with Pumpkin Pie, a natural choice if we've ever seen one, consists of turkey breast, apple-sage stuffing, fire-roasted yams, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, vegetables, cornbread, and a whole pumpkin pie. All that food for just $159.99. There is a bit of a catch, however, as all feasts require 3 hours of reheating time –– yet reheating food is, undeniably, an easier task than prepping and cooking from scratch. Nevertheless, if you prefer ham over turkey, there are ham feasts available, and there are also feasts that feature both entrées. Still not convinced? Marie Callender's also offers holiday pre-ordered whole pies.

27. Metro Diner

Heat-and-serve Thanksgiving dinners are all the rave nowadays, and Metro Diner has gracefully added its services to the mix. The reason these feasts are so revered is that, to put it simply, they help to take the pressure off as all the shopping, prepping, and cooking is done for customers –– and, let's face it, we could all use some relief right about now.

Nevertheless, Metro Diner's heat-and-serve Holiday At Home Feast serves one ($16.49), four ($61.99), or even eight people ($119.49). Yet you'll need to pre-order by Monday, November 20 at 7 p.m. to lock in your meal. If you plan on picking up your feast, the Metro Diner website states you can do so on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or on Thanksgiving Day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. In terms of the actual food, which is what we're all interested in, the Home Feasts come with a choice of roasted turkey or baked ham, and they're accompanied by mashed potatoes and gravy or sweet potato mash, steamed green beans or green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing or macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, and Hawaiian dinner rolls.

Pumpkin and apple pies, extra sides, and beverages are also available.

28. Omaha Steaks

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Omaha Steaks is known for its meat, yet it also puts on one heck of a Thanksgiving dinner feast. Though you can choose from Thanksgiving dinner assortments, Omaha Steaks gives customers the option to build their own turkey or ham day feast. The butcher company also has dinners for four, six, or eight people –– so, yeah, the more, the merrier.

Known for its red meat, Omaha Steaks' Thanksgiving feasts, depending on which one you opt for, come with a whole smoked turkey, spiral-sliced ham, a whole basted turkey, or a fully cooked turkey breast. Suffice to say, Omaha Steaks does Thanksgiving dinner right, and if you like what it has to offer, we recommend ordering your turkey/ham day feast as soon as possible –– you know, to ensure you get exactly what you want and so you can spend the rest of November knowing you already have one of the biggest meals of the year taken care of.

29. Popeyes

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Popeyes, which is known for its fried chicken –– and in recent memory, its super popular Chicken Sandwich –– is an ideal spot for, believe it or not, a pre-cooked turkey. Though Popeyes doesn't technically have a full turkey dinner for purchase, it's bringing back its fully cooked Cajun-Style Turkey. You can opt to have it complete your own turkey meal, or you could, of course, add on some of Popeyes' sides, which were, let's be honest, made for a Thanksgiving dinner feast.

If you're planning on having Popeyes cater your entire meal, we recommend adding mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw, and biscuits. Heck, you might as well go for it and also purchase red beans and rice and cajun fries. Let's just put it this way: You're not going to go hungry if you land on a Popeyes Thanksgiving. (Side note: aPopeyes Thanksgiving just wouldn't be complete without those chicken sandwiches on the table, but now we might be overdoing it ...)

30. Publix

Publix is one of the most popular grocery store chains throughout the South, with more than 1,000 locations across seven states. Home cooks across the South trust the grocery chain for all the ingredients and supplies they need to make their Thanksgiving dinners at home. If you're looking for a quicker way to celebrate the holiday, it turns out Publix also has prepared meals available.

Publix'spre-made Thanksgiving dinner bundle is one of the most budget-friendly options on our list, coming in at under $80 with enough food to feed seven to 10 people. The package includes a fully cooked 10- to 12-pound turkey. In addition, it features Publix's take on Thanksgiving classic sides like old-fashioned cornbread dressing, homestyle Yukon gold mashed potatoes, cranberry orange relish, marshmallow delight, and homestyle gravy.

In order to snag one of these pre-cooked meals for your holiday table, all you need is to order online with two days' advance notice. If you've missed the 48-hour window, the website lists that calling your local Publix may result in getting a last-minute meal.

31. ShopRite

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ShopRite's turkey page used to run the tagline "GOBBLE 'TIL YOU WOBBLE,' which is a fine holiday-themed catchphrase if we've ever heard one. Its holiday turkey dinner? It checks all the boxes as it comes with fully cooked Butterball turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, turkey gravy, and it serves eight to 10 people. If that many people aren't invited to that party, then say hello to some delicious leftovers.

Although this feast is fully cooked and can be purchased as soon as your Thanksgiving heart desires, ShopRite states that a 72-hour notice is required for purchasing, and the meal needs to be defrosted in the refrigerator for 48 hours. So if you're going to have ShopRite cater your turkey dinner, it's best to prepare ahead of the festivities. While other establishments offer pre-cooked options that are ready to go and require no cooking whatsoever, ShopRite's Thanksgiving feast will surely do the trick for many shoppers this season.

32. Sprouts

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Sprouts Farmers Market specializes in natural and organic foods, so for the more health-conscious minds, it's a natural option this Thanksgiving –– though, it's best to see if the store can deliver to your location ahead of time, assuming there's not one in your neighborhood.

What does a natural turkey meal look like? Sprouts' natural turkey dinner consists of homestyle stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, homestyle gravy, creamed kale and spinach, cranberry sauce, authentic French brioche petite roles, and turkey –– and it serves six to eight people. Yet Sprouts also has a spiral-sliced ham meal, boneless beef rib roast meal, roasted boneless turkey breast meal, and a Field Roast hazelnut and cranberry vegan roast meal. The hardest part will seemingly be actually deciding which dinner you go with. Perhaps two different ones?

Sprouts Farmers Market brings a healthier option to the table this holiday season, whether you opt for a traditional meal or not.

33. Whole Foods

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Yes, Whole Foods does Thanksgiving dinner, and it has, to say the least, many wonderful meals to choose from. Though, it's important to note the Whole Foods website states that "Orders must be made a minimum of 48 hours ahead of pickup date and time."

While there are15 Thanksgiving dinners at your disposal, let's focus on what's inside the Thanksgiving Feast for 12. For $399.99, you'll get a roast whole turkey, spiral-sliced ham, green beans and roasted shallots, creamed spinach and kale, roasted butternut squash with cranberries and sage, and creamy mashed potatoes. But that's not all as this meal is also accompanied by traditional herb stuffing, turkey gravy, spiced brown sugar ham glaze, cranberry orange sauce, brioche rolls, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. Need we say more?

Whole Foods also offers paleo-friendly and vegan Thanksgiving dinner options, and it's clearly the place to purchase your holiday meal if you want something a bit different this year, though traditional options are available.

Above all else, we hope you find the perfect pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner for your holiday feast –– and we hope you can share this holiday with the people closest and dearest to your hearts. Happy feasting!

34. Williams Sonoma

While the foodie-approved Williams Sonoma offers all the kitchen gadgets, tools, and cookware you'd need to prepare your own Thanksgiving dinner at home, the culinary purveyor also offers a Thanksgiving feast.Williams Sonoma Complete Thanksgiving Dinner features all you need to serve up a classic Turkey Day meal with a luxury spin. The meal, which serves eight guests, includes a twelve- to fourteen-pound Willie Bird turkey that is ready to cook. The meal also includes sides like creamy mashed potatoes with butter and garlic, green bean almondine, and a full artisan-baked pumpkin pie.

The sides for this meal are pre-cooked and just need to be cooked from frozen according to package instructions. The pie simply needs to be thawed. The turkey, however, is raw and must be cooked for 10 to 15 minutes per pound. Keep that in mind if you intend to make your holiday as hands-off as possible. If you don't mind doing the cooking, however, this packaged dinner from Williams Sonoma is a great way to impress your guests without spending time at the grocery store or prepping all of your ingredients.

Williams Sonoma sells this Thanksgiving meal for$269.95, and delivery options range from immediate delivery to delivery just in time for Thanksgiving.

34 Best Places To Buy Your Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner - Mashed (2024)
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