Celebrate Spring With These 24 Spring Decor Ideas You Can DIY (2024)

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Stephanie White

Stephanie White

Stephanie White is a DIY expert who has over 10 years experience teaching design, art, and do-it-yourself projects. She has previously been published on Apartment Therapy and Ikea Hackers. When she's not writing, Stephanie is traveling the globe on the lookout for inspiring crafts and living spaces.

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Updated on 03/02/21

Get ready to defrost your house from the cold spells of winter and welcome the warm and inviting weather of spring. Celebrate spring with these 25 DIY projects perfect for decorating your home with floral accents or soft pastel colors. With flashy signs, table runners, vases, and more to choose from your house will look magnificently stunning for the season!

Celebrate Spring With These 24 Spring Decor Ideas You Can DIY (2024)


How can I make my house look like a spring? ›

Spring decor ideas – 23 beautiful ways to decorate your home for the change in season
  1. Curate a spring tablescape.
  2. Decorate your front door with a spring wreath.
  3. Introduce soft furnishings in pastel colors and floral patterns.
  4. Create a fun Easter display.
  5. Add a feature wall with patterned wallpaper.

How do you decorate for spring? ›

Incorporate a few florals or live plants, whether fresh greenery or fresh flowers. Add a pop of color with thrifted art or home decor accessories. Use lighter fabrics and lighten the textures and layers around your home. Add floral and fruity scents around our home for a fresh smell.

How do you make easy decorative items? ›

DIY Room Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Home
  • Canvas Prints.
  • Framed Prints.
  • Photo Tiles.
  • Tabletop Prints.
  • Desktop Plaques.
  • Photo Mugs.
  • Photo Coasters.
  • Personalized Candles.
Jun 6, 2023

What are the spring colors for home decor? ›

Popular spring color trends include soft colors such as lavender and blush, as well as bold combinations like blue and green. When choosing spring hues, consider your home's existing wall colors and décor to make sure everything looks seamless.

How can I make my house look nice without money? ›

How can I make my home look better without buying anything?
  1. Curate a talking point with objects you already own. ...
  2. Use leftover paint cans to add color to trims. ...
  3. Rearrange bedroom furniture to aid sleep. ...
  4. Take the rule of three to your houseplants. ...
  5. Swap rugs from room to room. ...
  6. Create conversational seating.
Apr 3, 2023

How to decorate front of house for spring? ›

Plants (real or faux)

I LOVE doing my planters each year. The sight of flowers and plants is everything to your Spring porch. Flowers in cheerful, pretty colors are one of my favorite Spring porch decorating ideas and will help welcome any guest to your porch.

How can I decorate my house in May? ›

How to Decorate Your Home for Spring (24 Simple Ideas)
  1. Add Sprigs of Spring Flowers in a Vase. ...
  2. Layer in Lightweight Throw Blankets. ...
  3. Spring Doormat. ...
  4. Display Tulips in a Basket. ...
  5. A Simple Spring Mantel. ...
  6. Spring Clean Furniture. ...
  7. Style Your Coffee Table. ...
  8. Make A Teacup Garden.
Mar 20, 2023

How can I decorate my living room for spring? ›

Think fresh florals, bright colors and lightweight fabrics in every room. This year, spring officially begins on March 19 — which means it's time to start planning your transition from winter to spring decor.

When should I switch to spring decor? ›

We recently shared practical tips for easy winter decor, and if you're digging that vibe, there's no need to rush into spring just yet! But if you're longing for the fresh, bright feel of spring, starting the transition around the beginning of March is entirely reasonable.

How can I decorate my room DIY? ›

DIY home decor ideas for living room
  1. 1 A statement gallery wall behind the sofa. ...
  2. 2 Make use of old teacups to make some scented candles. ...
  3. 3 Create your little nursery with upcycled test tubes. ...
  4. 4 Make a statement tiered display stand using natural wood. ...
  5. 5 Block in the heat with the help of fabric tape blinds.

How can I decorate my house DIY? ›

DIY Home Decor
  1. DIY Dry leaves with Madhubani Fish. DIY Dry leaves with Madhubani Fish. ...
  2. DIY Fabric Coasters. ...
  3. 1:00. ...
  4. DIY Wall Panels. ...
  5. 0:15. ...
  6. Mini Floral Fruit Handpainted Dish Jewelry Ring Dish Clay Tray Room Decor Birthday Bridal Pottery Gift Ceramic Flowers Gold Trinket Dish. ...
  7. DIY Macrame Decor. ...
  8. DIY Durry with Patterns.

How can I decorate without buying anything? ›

Don't hesitate to move accessories from one room to another. "Rework those decorative pillows in your bedroom by styling them on your sofa, or place the table lamp from your living room on your bedside table," says Newkirk. "Moving these items around can really change the feel of the room," the designer adds.

How can I make my house look like nature? ›

Natural colour palette. Colours inspired by nature, such as light earth tones and different shades of green and blue, are best for creating a tranquil space. Beige walls, wooden floors, and natural home accessories such as sisal rugs, blend beautifully with nature-inspired colours such as sage green or pale blue.

How can I make my house more earthy? ›

Earthy Home Decorating Tips
  1. Create a modern and sleek kitchen. ...
  2. Add wood elements in the bedroom. ...
  3. Use plenty of plants. ...
  4. Neutral colour palette. ...
  5. Use minimalist furniture. ...
  6. Don't decorate too much. ...
  7. Make the most out of your natural lighting. ...
  8. Use hanging shelves.
Sep 14, 2021

How do I make my house look like a show house? ›

Keep décor simple

Quite often the décor in show homes is actually very minimal. It's designed to be easy on the eye and for the furniture and accessories to do the talking. Your walls just needs to be clean and crisp so steer clear of busy wallpapers and go for a fresh paint palette.

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