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Top War: Battle game is a strategy merger game by Topwar Studio.

The game revolves around building, merging, and battling your enemies for more land and resources.

In the game, you can merge to upgrade your base, unlock various heroes, choose from a wide variety of classes, build and customize your base, as well as battle other players, even across different servers.

To help you progress through the game, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to keep you on the right track.

The game is available on bothGoogle Playand theApp Store.

Table of contents

  • Game introduction
  • Building, buildings, and merging
  • Basic War Room, upgrading, and gold
  • Inventory and resources
  • Heroes, skills, and rates

Game introduction

Top War: Battle Game is a merge to level up-game, where your assets and land will determine your in-game progress.

You will have to buy new buildings and upgrade them for more items and resources.

On your journey, you’ll fight to take back the land from Dark Legion for more merging space and bonuses.

While you explore the world, scout, and attack other bases, you’ll join an alliance and grow stronger together by helping each other.

To improve your base and troops, you will research in the basic war room to get new, stronger, and upgraded gold mines, army units, barracks, etc.

Recruiting and collecting heroes to lead and inspire your army will be an essential task.

Buy, build and merge to your heart’s content to conquer the world with your unrivaled planning.

The game will push your strategic thinking to the limit. So join the Liberty Alliance against the Dark Legion and determine the fate of the world by merging!

Building, buildings, and merging

In Top War: Battle Game, most of your progress depends on your building.

The more you build, the more you can merge, and the more you merge, the more you upgrade, and thereby level up.

In the game, buildings are divided into merge to upgrade or research to upgrade.

Merge to upgrade buildings are barracks, gold mines, shipyards, and so on.

Research to upgrade-buildings include the basic war room, aka the base, repair room, army, and navy units.

Merging items will also increase your battle/attack power, which will aid you in your fight against Dark Legion troops for more land.

Battling against the Dark Legion will give you more units (soldiers, tanks, etc.), so every time you see a land plot available for conquering, do not hesitate to take it.

Remember: resources are everything.

Basic War Room, upgrading, and gold

The Basic War Room or the main base of your operations is a crucial building that will help you upgrade non-mergeable items.

For their upgrades, you will need to have enough gold and items like General R&D Plan (this combination of items is needed for basic war room upgrade) or Army Unit Merge Plan (army unit upgrade item), and many others.

Getting gold needed for both merging and upgrading is very easy as long as you have gold mines and gold harvester.

Gold mines will automatically release generated gold into the gold harvester.

The gold harvester will then hold the gold for you, so do not forget to claim your gold from time to time.

Gold harvester also has another perk that, if it reaches its maximum capacity, it will stop harvesting gold until you – the player redeems it.

Also, take note that the higher level your gold mines are, the bigger the capacity of your gold harvester becomes, as well as the number of gold coins you receive.

Inventory and resources

Like any other game, Top War: Battle Game has an inventory to store all your obtained items.

The items are classified into different groups depending on their rarity with their corresponding colors.

Grey is the lowest, while orange is the highest rarity.

There are several ways to obtain the items you’ll need on your journey in the game.

First and foremost – battling the Dark Legion.

Another way to obtain items is through the Shopping Centre. In it, you will get to open various chests filled with items.

Missions are another fantastic way to get items and ensure you progress at the same time.

There are different kinds of missions in Top War: Battle Game, including main, reward quests, and daily tasks.

Heroes, skills, and rates

Heroes are another important factor in the game that will help you boost your soldier morale and give them a needed boost against your enemies in battles.

Heroes are obtainable through recruitment. Recruitment is separated into standard, premium, and elite.

Standard recruitment will give you five free chances daily, premium – one chance per day, while for the elite, you will need Elite Hero Vouchers to make a draw in your wished/needed hero category.

Here are the summon rates for each type of recruitment.

Standart Recruit drop rates:




Hero Shards:




Green EXP Book:13.27%

Blue EXP Book:8.29%

Lv. 1 Component Chest:9.95%

Lv. 2 Component Chest: 2.49%

Premium Recruit drop rates:


  • Orange:1.65%
  • Purple:6.38%

Hero Shards:

  • Orange:23.13%
  • Purple:38.17%


  • Blue EXP Book:10.64%
  • Purple EXP Book:9.39%
  • Lv. 2 Component Chest:9.39%
  • Lv. 3 Component Chest: 1.25%

Elite Recruitment drop rates:


  • Orange:5.26%
  • Purple:7.51%

Hero Shards:

  • Orange:36.89%
  • Purple:41.32%


  • Orange EXP Book:9.02%

Heroes like buildings can also be upgraded and even promoted.

To upgrade your heroes, you will need to use EXP books.

For their promotion, you will need to get hero shards.

Hero skills also play a big role in your attack power.

For example, SSR (orange) hero Sam has a skill that has a chance of launching signal-jamming bombs against the Air Force, while SR (purple) hero Wade will repair damaged units depending on skill level.

So before you go into battle, we recommend you get acquainted with your heroes and their skills for the maximum effect.

That’s all our tips and tricks for Top War: Battle Game.

With this guide, you are now hopefully ready to set out and conquer the world of merging.

If you have any input, tips, or tricks you believe should be included in this guide, then let us know in the comment section below.

Top War: Battle Game Guide - Tips & Tricks - Gamer Empire (2024)
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