10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (2024)

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (1)

Action and strategy wars are one of the most popular genres among adult players. A plethora of apps have been released with differing storylines to provide you with a distinct gaming experience. That becomes the question, what is the best war games for Android?

Whether you want to join a war simulation or hone your shooting skills, there are always the best mobile game apps to decide. Don’t get overwhelmed with the many choices scattered on the Play Store and take advantage of the following reference to download the best one.

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Best War Games for Android: Experience the thrill of war

Mobile war games offer an on-the-go experience amid your bustle. If you are looking for portable war games that are compatible with Android devices, check out the best options for the greatest—most apps are high-rated and free to play.

1. World War Heroes

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (2)

World War Heroes is a realistic war game for you who need a free app with FPS title. Adopting the hideous World War II era in Berlin, you have to destroy the enemy and survive battles. Join team battles and do brave things like planting bombs and capturing the enemies’ flags.

Several reasons make World War Heroes worth choosing. First of all, it features over a dozen WWII warzones with realistic environments. Challenge your adrenaline while enjoying the impressive graphics. Further, it has 4 different types of equipment from Germany, USSR, Japan, and the USA.

This decent war game is loaded with 6 shooter game modes, in addition to custom games that allow you to create your own rules. Also, there are more than 100 weapon types to choose from including machine guns, sniper riffle, and shotguns.

The gameplay is quite simple with several rules to follow, such as death match that lets a player with the highest score wins, headquarter defense that requires you to protect the HQ, and team deathmatch in which two teams fight for your victory.

Download on Google Play

2. March of Empires: War of Lords

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (3)

Travel back through time to the medieval war era with March of Empires. This best war game app lets you conquer and create your own empire. Forge warrior army and fortify a castle so you can dominate the whole world. You can find different characters and elements that come with various powers.

Build strategies to reclaim the throne and land of the open world. Discover the world map that expands constantly, construct buildings, dispatch armies, and clash with other groups like Vikings and barbarians. It also gives you the option to reshape the power balance.

Feel free to choose a faction that comes to your interest, such as Shogun, Northern Tsar, Highland King, or Desert Sultan. You can control the thrones, each of which has different effects to the entire realm. While controlling the realm, you must protect your civilization from invasion.

What’s great about this app is that you can find new features and content that are updated periodically. More bonuses and powers are also available for your army.

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3. Modern Combat 5

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (4)

War strategy games let you experience the thrills of the battlefield while building the best tactics to regain legacy. Modern Combat 5 is among the best options when it comes to war strategy and FPS games, providing amazing graphics with online multiplayer support

On Modern Combat 5 you can explore 10 different classes with differing challenges. It also has several game modes to choose from, such as regular events, team deathmatch, single player campaign, capture the flag, and many more.

Work your way on the team leaderboard by showing off your shooting skills. You can also plan online multiplayer assault to conquer the battlefield. What’s amazing, free rewards and prizes are waiting for you in weekly events.

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This best free war game makes it possible to customize your classes. For your convenience, it lets you choose modern combat styles like assault, heavy, sniper, marauder, and many more. Engage in the missions where your shooting skills are demanded and win the combat.

Download on Google Play

4. War Games – Commander

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (5)

War Games – Commander is a mobile RTS and simulation war game where you can build your base, collect resources, and train soldiers to reclaim victory. Advanced technologies and the opportunity to create alliances strengthen your defense to attack enemies.

This best war game has a number of features. Designed as a PvP naval battle game, it comes packed with 6 kinds of resources you have to collect. After you collect resources, use them to build your buildings, enhance war technologies, and train your armies.

Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to develop up to 142 skills in several categories including war, trade, defense, economy, and construction. You can also gather thousands of soldiers, assault vehicles, and explore the seas to destroy your enemies.

One thing you’ll love about War Games – Commander is it allows you to write in a language you know. The system will translate it in real time and it supports 34 different languages. No need to worry about language barriers.

Attractive gifts and fun activities are featured to keep you attracted. On top of all, this app is free to play but you can buy in-app items for additional features.

Download on Google Play

5. Conflict of Nations

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (6)

Conflict of Nations is among popular world war games to play on Android. Adopting World War 3 situation, the global scale history is under your control. Choose the world’s mightiest nations, get prepared for WW3, and fight your best for victory.

There are several things you can do with this app. You can conquer resources, create alliances with other countries, and improve your economy. It also gives you the opportunity to research destructive weapons like nuclear and chemical weapons to become a superpower country on Earth.

A bunch of features make it one of the best war games for your mobile device. For example, it supports up to 100 enemies per match with real-time unit movement across the battlefield. You can also load various maps and scenarios for more excitement.

Things that set Conflicts of Nations apart from its competitors is real military equipment and technologies. As a plus, it comes with a massive research tree with more than 350 types of units. Everything you need to enjoy a lifelike war is right here.

Download on Google Play

6. Warpath: Ace Shooter

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (7)

Destroy Raven’s tyranny and join the thrilling battles on Warpath. As an ace shooter, your shooting skills are highly demanded to fight against your opponent. Equip yourself with powerful weapons and join thrilling battles on the ground and in the air.

Your skills will improve as you join a ton of missions. There are so many things you can do such as collecting assault rifles and modifying your guns to create the most powerful arsenal. Things are getting better with smooth control and stunning graphics, making it hard to put down.

This best war game is highly addictive. Coming with a real-time strategy title, you have to plan your attack in real time as well as engage in real-time battles. Your thinking skills and strategies are required to show your power and expand your territory.

There are many other things that make Warpath a great war game app for Android. It features customizable military units that let you lock and load devastating aircraft, tanks, and guns. Besides, you can customize units by modifying or upgrading them.

Download on Google Play

7. World at Arms

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (8)

With the KRA plans to invade every nation, it is your duty to optimize your force and battle against your enemies. World at Arms is a thrilling warfare game for anyone who needs to bring their experience to the next level.

Loaded with plenty of social features, you can create allies and chat with friends to build cunning strategies to strike. You can also improve and combine forces to create a faction. Work on the leaderboards by challenging your skillful rivals or stealing their resources.

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As one of the most popular war games, World at Arms provides game simulation with stunning graphics and fascinating animations. Not only can you enjoy realistic military units, you can also build your own construction and facilities, unlock new technologies, and play with war tactics.

Engage in unique battlefields with various terrains from arid deserts to urban cities. For improved experience, it allows you to connect with Facebook friends and summon their units to support you during battle. This app is completely free to play with in-app items.

Download on Google Play

8. Top War: Battle Game

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (9)

The Dark Legion is the tyrant who plans to rule the world. As a commander, your mission is to fight against the villain by upgrading your power and training your armies. This game app is designed with cute animations that set it apart from other war games.

Top War is a unique game that allows you to upgrade gameplay with a merge. If you are sick of waiting for too long for an upgrade, this app is made just for you. Or if you wish to upgrade troops and heroes with unique skills, Top War has got you covered.

Your strategy and warfare skills matter here. Plan your best tactics to regain victory and recruit heroes to lead the three major troops. Starting on a desert island, you can build a base to improve your power and train your armies while freeing the land from the villain.

This best war game supports online battle with millions of players worldwide. There are various game modes to choose from such as Dark Forces, Server v Server wars, and War Robots. Each mode gives you a unique and distinct experience.

With more than 50M downloads on the Play Store, Top War is one of the most used war games for Android. Download and play this app for free or buy in-game purchases for more content.

Download on Google Play

9. Vikings: War of Clans

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (10)

Combining MMORPG and strategy games, Vikings is an exciting war game for everyone who needs challenges. You need to level up to combat invaders and get your heroes to lead the troops during the battle. What makes it more interesting is that you can outsmart other players with cunning strategies.

Designed with brilliant graphics, you can enjoy every stage of the game. Accomplish your missions to train your troops and develop your civilization in a unique experience. With the cold of the North, this is not a typical strategy warfare game for Android.

On Vikings you can engage in either PvP or PvE battles. If you want to improve your fighting tactics, choose PvE battles while PvP fight is suitable to test yourself. Considering the strengths of lay traps and every unit helps you outwit your enemies.

What’s interesting about this best war game is that you learn the art of water. You can also complete the puzzle game to discover sophisticated traps. Explore a variety of hideouts and complete the big puzzle.

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10. Massive Warfare: Tanks Battle

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (11)

Find massive arsenals and sophisticated modern war technologies on Massive Warfare. The online multiplayer game provides you with a battlefield to fight against enemies from all around the world. A variety of army vehicles are just here such as hovercraft, helicopters, and tanks.

On Massive Warfare you will play as a third-person shooter in the battlefield. It is your mission to plan tactics and strategy to win the game. The combats take place in the air, on the ground, and at the sea so you have to choose the best war units.

War machine customization allows you to upgrade army units to your heart’s content. With modern vehicles and upgraded machines, it is possible to enhance your attack skills. Join alliances so you have more powers to battle against other players.

There are many other things to find on Massive Warfare. It has intuitive touch screen controls for your convenience. It also has 3 battle modes including Team Deathmatch, Free for All, and Battle Royal. Unlock new vehicles as you progress.

Download on Google Play

War games offer a thrilling sensation of the battlefields. Whether you want to hone your strategy skills or you want to play with awesome technology machines simply download the best war games for Android. Choose your enemies and get ready for battles.

10 Best War Games for Android in 2024 - Android Ally (2024)
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